Trial and Error Learning

What would you do if you discovered the door is inoperable?


Applications of Trial and Error Learning

The students and professor inside Room12 in the Fine Arts Building discover that the door is locked and no one has the key to open the door. In their desperation to leave the room, they started by trying to break the door down but that didnít work. Next, they attempted to remove the door from its hinges but no one had a screw driver. Next, they tried to break the window out and reach around to the outside doorknob and open the door. Breaking the window and opening the door using the outside doorknob worked. How many trials did it take before the successful behavior lead to positive consequences? Later when these students were in another class where the door was locked what do you think they did? You are right if you answered: They broke the window and reached around opening the door using the outside doorknob.