Observational Learning

Be careful of what you see, hear, say, someone may be watching & may imitate your behavior!


Application of Observational Learning

What would you do if you were behind someone who just lost 50 cents in the soft-drink machine? Most likely you would not put your 50 cents in that machine. Or, suppose it is raining cats and dogs, and the people in front of you step off the curb into a puddle. They disappear and the umbrella they were sharing is floating on the puddle. Do you cross the street there? Television also provides a rich source of situations to imitate.

A real concern for many is whether or not television causes an increase in violent behavior in children and adults. Recently, television broadcasters have voluntarily adopted warning labels for violent shows. Those labels allow parents to control the television watching behavior of their children. The labels may also prevent congressional regulation of television content. The observational learning of undesired behaviors can be largely prevented in young children if parents watch shows with their children and explain the action as it occurs.